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Node.js Development Service to Turbocharge Your Backend

No matter how appealing your frontend is, without an efficient backend, it will be a failure. An attractive car can't win the race without a powerful engine. Similarly, a graceful frontend is not enough, you need a powerful backend to carry out functions on the server. Our Node.js developers might not be that good in making a supercharged engine for your your car, but we are definitely a ninja in building high-performing and robust backend solutions. Node.js is an extremely powerful JavaScript framework that uses Google Chrome’s V8 Engine. It has an event-driven architecture and asynchronous I/O model making Node.js most unique compared to other technologies viz PHP and .Net. Tuzla is a leading Node.js development company where we have been developing I/O intensive applications (e.g. Chat, Video Sites, Single page app) using mean stack – Node.js, AngularJS, Express.js, MongoDB.

Why Node.js?

  • Event-Driven and Non-Blocking

    Event-driven and non-blocking characteristic of Node.js is what gives it an edge over other server-side languages.

  • Uses Google Chrome's V8 Engine

    Node.js uses Google Chrome’s V8 engine that executes the request insanely fast.

  • Featherweight

    It is one of the most lightweight and efficient server side framework.

  • Perfect for Data-Intensive and Real-Time Apps

    Node.js is perfect for data-intensive apps and real-time applications that run on distributed devices. That’s the reason it is used by the top-guns like eBay, Netflix, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, PayPal, Uber, etc.

  • Server-side Proxy

    Node.js can handle server-side proxy with ease when collecting data from multiple source points with a different response rate.

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Our Node.js Development Expertise and Offerings

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    Node.js Development Services
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    Apps we develop with Node.js
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    End to End Architecture

Node.js is a popular JavaScript framework for building scalable and robust server-side applications. At Tuzla, we cater varied Node.js development services that help our clients to achieve their business goals. Some of them are as follows:

  • Node.js web development

  • AWS Lambda microservice

  • Node.js application development

  • Dedicated Node.js developers for hire

Being a top Node.js development company, we are among the pioneers to implement the latest tools and technologies in the industry. That's the reason our applications are equipped with futuristic features and functionalities. We use some of the finest and ultra-modern technologies such as:

  • TypeScript for advance and secure coding

  • Sail.js and LoopBack to implement complex features and functionalities

  • AWS Lambda for micro service architecture

  • library for building real-time applications

Chat Application

Node.js is the optimum choice to build a lightweight, data-intensive, low processing chat application with WebSockets and Express.js.

Data Streaming

Real-time audio and video data encoding is utilized with Node.js during data upload and simultaneous processing is also possible.

Analytics & Monitoring Tools

Most of the large Analytics and Monitoring tool companies use Node.js to handle a large amount of request and process them to get the desired output.

We provide robust backend solutions using Node.js and its V8 Engine. But that's not enough. We create a complete end to end architecture by integrating the backend with the latest frontend technologies, APIs and databases. We use Angular, React and Vue.js to build aesthetic frontend, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL for database and perform API development using RESTfulAPI & GraphQL. Integrating this amazing technology with Node.js makes our solution powerful as well as graceful.

Hire Professional Node.js Developers

Hire our Node.js developers to build robust and scalable server-side applications. Our Node.js developers are coding geeks and have proven experience in developing server-side apps. That’s the reason our backend applications are so powerful and integrates flawlessly with the frontend. We provide our developers to the companies looking to hire Node.js developers for their projects and technical expertise. At Tuzla, we follow high work ethics that's the reason you get transparency in work, flexible interactions with the team and top-notch work quality. We believe in “Delivering Promises” and it is clearly reflected in our work as well! Have a chat with us to hire our expert Node.js developers.

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