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CodeIgniter Development Service for Scalable Web Apps

CodeIgniter is a big name in PHP frameworks because it’s lightweight, easy to learn and a good choice to create feature rich web applications. In the last few years, we have delivered small scale to enterprise scale applications using the CodeIgniter Framework for many clients. Our delivery of high-performance applications is due to no large-scale monolithic libraries and the flexibility of writing custom modules.

Why Choose CodeIgniter?

  • No Restrictive Rules

    Being an MVC architecture it’s a solid framework but at same time it does not impose any restrictive rules for the developer. That provides great flexibility for taking the architecture to the next level as needed by complex projects.

  • Exceptional Performance

    CodeIgniter is a lean MVC framework with limited libraries which reduce loading time and provide better performance compare to other PHP frameworks.

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Our Expertise and Offerings

  • 1
    Saas Based Web Application
  • 2
    Project Management Tool
  • 3
    LED Lights Auditing Application
  • 4
    Online Delivery Tracking Solution

Are you interested in building an application which you prefer to sell as Software as a Service? We can help you with AWS or Google Cloud deployment with SaaS architecture. Shoot us an email, we shall share a detailed case study and provide suggestions based on your product requirement.

One of the SaaS-based web and tablet application developed by us was in the finance domain, having features that include collaboration, risk, issues, goals, etc. and the same was incorporated with custom user-level hierarchy.

It’s an enterprise solution for the LED industry to audit existing technical data via iPad or Android tablet which synchronizes with the web version and matches the new LED lights with smart algorithms to show saving in yearly bills and generate proposals accordingly.

In the era of E-commerce, delivery and tracking of packages is a pivotal need. Our solution in this sphere has features like real-time tracking and status update.

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