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Scale Your Applications with Event-Driven and Serverless AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is an event-driven and serverless computing service by Amazon that runs code whenever an event is fired and rest of time it remains inactive. In this way, you get a cost-efficient architecture as you pay only for every 100 milliseconds of code execution. We use one of the most powerful server-side scripting language Node.js with AWS lambda for a powerful and high-octane performance of your apps. Being a premier technical consultant of AWS Lambda, we configure, integrate and manage the architecture of your app. Not only that, being our prestigious client you get quality cloud management and maintenance service too. Have a chat with our AWS Lambda expert to know more about our brilliant service!

Our AWS Lambda Services and Offerings

  • Serverless AWS Lambda integration with Node.js based backend

  • Migration of existing architecture to AWS Lambda

  • Microservices for existing web application

  • End to end integration

  • AWS Lambda maintenance and support

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